Conference Program


Monday 14 April, 2008


8:00 – 10:00    Registration- The National Laser Institute- Cairo University- next to the New Main Library


10:00- 11:00   Opening Ceremony


11:00-11:30   Tea Break



The Global UNESCO Network of Geoparks

Mohame Al-Aawah d

UNESCO Office, Cairo

11:40 – 12:00

Page 6

Climate change—perspectives from the past

Judith Totman Parrish

Dept. of Geological Sciences, Mines 322, University of Idaho, USA

12:00 – 13:00

Page 6



13:00 – 14:00


Hydrocarbons and Rift Systems in Northeast Africa

William Bosworth

Apache Egypt Companies, Cairo, Egypt

14:00 – 15:00

Page 7


Mineralisation in the Bushveld Complex with a focus on the Platreef

Judith A. Kinnaird and Anthony J. Naldrett,

School of Geosciences, University of the Witwatersrand, Wits 2050 South Africa

15:00 – 16:00

Page 10


Tuesday 15 April, 2008


Reconstructing Semi-Arid Ecosystems in the Mesozoic

Judith Totman Parrish

Dept. of Geological Sciences, Mines 322, University of Idaho, USA

14:00 – 14:30

Page 12



Tuesday, 15th April, 2008

(Hall A)  09:00 – 11:20                         Session 1: Geophysics



Interpretation of aeromagnetic anomalies, in the NW of Algeria, in the case 3-D, using the continuous wavelet transform. Page 13


H. Boukerbout, A. Abtout, D. Gibert




Well Log Interpretation in Reservoir Characterization, Application in a Gas Field, Algeria  Page 14


EL ADJ. Said, R .Baouche, A. Nedjari


Atténuation du ground roll en sismique réflexion par utilisation de la transformée en ondelettes Page 18

Z. Benaïssa, A. Benaïssa, A. Boudella , T. Aïfa



Preliminary data from granitic massif of bandja study by anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (ams): West province in Cameroon Page 21

A.F. Yakeu Sandjo ; T. Njanko ; E. Ezzoura; G.J. Jieugeu; E. Njonfang




Méthodes électriques  Electriques   Appliquées à la recherche des Poly métaux  dans la structure   de  Mesloula ? ALGERIE Page 22

Bouguern.A; Hacine  R



Analysis of the Amplitude virsus Offset ( AVO). Application on a seismic profile of the Bassin of Ahnet, Algerian Sahara  Page 29

Bougern  Aberrahmane dit Hafid


Variation Spatio Temporelle du Champ Magnetique Terrestre en Algerie  Page 32

Fatma Anad, A. Abtout, N. Akacem , E. Meziane

11:20 – 11:50                                     TEA  BREAK

   (Hall A)  11:50 – 13:10                   Session 2: Geoinformatics  & Geo-education                                            



Etude mécanique de la ithosphere au Hoggar (ALGERIE) À partir des anomalies gravimétriques  Page 33

Farida Boukercha , Abdeslam Abtout



Extraction of hydrological Characteristics Using GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques Case study: Lake Karoun Catchment Page 34


Noha Donia


The magnetic jerks viewed by scalar satellite data Page 36

Y. Yahiat, M. Hamoudi, M. Mandea



Remote Sensing and surface qualities mapping in the Biskra’region (Algeria) Page 38

Ebenbitat  Fella

13:10 – 14:10                                  LUNCH  BREAK


(Hall A)  14:10 – 14:40      Reconstructing Semi-Arid Ecosystems in the Mesozoic

Judith Totman Parrish

(Hall A)  14:40 –17:00        Session 3: Paleontology & Micropaleontology


Distribution of Recent Benthic Foraminifera on the Continental Margin of ALGERS Page 40

Leila Moufli




Adaptability methods of planctic foraminifera in Agadir and Tarfaya cenomanian-turonian atlantic basins (Morocco Page 41


El Kamali, N.,Bouzid, S.




Description of two new relatively-complete hyracoid skulls from the Late Eocene Gabal Qatrani Formation, Fayum Province, Egypt

Page 42


Enas A. Ahmed



A contribution to study palaeoclimate variations during the Quaternary times using endokarstic speleothems, Example from Wintimdouine cave (High-Atlas of Agadir, Morocco Page 43


Bouzid, S, Belfoul, A.



Barremian and Aptian of Grombalia area:micropaléon- tological analysis and stratigraphic precision Page 44

Ben NSIR  Sana,  ben haj Ali, Nébiha  and  Kamzi Mouna


The Equids (Mammalia, Perissodactyla) of Kef El Moumen (Sefrou, Marocco): data for the North African Pleistocene correlation Page 45


Bouzid, S., EL Kamali, N.


Typology of Tata and Ighrem areas , (Anti-Atlas, Morocco), and their material lithological nature

Page 46

Bouzid, S. El Kamali, N. and Springer, 


17:00 – 17:20                                     TEA  BREAK

(Hall A)  17:20 – 18:20             Session 4: Groundwater Resources                                      


Application of environmental isotope methods in water resources management: Some examples applied in Morocco Page 47


Ouda Bouchra



Women and natural resources management in Sio basin of Lake Victoria, Kenya Page 48

Joy Obando




Water characterization,using the molecular concentration of Sr2+/Ca2+.Example of the Jeffara aquifer of the North of Gabes, (Southern Tunisia) Page 49


Mohsen Ben Alaya,  Abdallah. Ben Mammou  et Fouad. Zargouni



Tuesday, 15th April, 2008


Geophysics, Geoinformatics, Paleontology and Micropaleontology and Groundwater Resources


#1-Management of Groundwater Resources in UGANDA.  Page 50

Charity Kisirisa                           

#2-Challenges that come with water scarcity; Case Study: Fluoride and water scarcity in Lake Baringo-Bogoria area Kenya.  Page 51

Marietta Mutonga                       

#3-Lake Victoria Water Levels. Page 52

Monica  A. Omulo                     

#4-Analyse de la zone côtière de Ténès (Algérie) par la méthode des ondelettes continues  Page 53

A. Heddar, H. Boukerbout, D. Belha               

#5-Fractal Analysis of Intermagnet Geomagnetic data  Page 54

N. Zaoura, R. Mebarki, L. Briqueu, M. Hamoudi                

#6-Participartory Mapping: Tool used to empower the less privileged communities in east Africa to defend their land rights  Page 56

Grace Lubembe Nassuna                  

#7-Mise en evidence de deux sous especes du genre Thurmanella LEIPOLD ,1920  Page 57

Habiba Bouaoud                       

#8-The Diversity of Vera Varsanofieva’s interests Page 58

Ju. V. Denisova            

#9-Participation of Women in Artisanal Mining Communities in Uganda Page 59

Nyakecho Catherine

#10- The Educative Interest of the Virtual Geologic Itineraries: The examples of geomorphologic itineraries on Mars and central-south Morocco. Page 60

Moya-Palomares, M.E., de Pablo, M.A., Acaso, E., Vicente, R., García, M. & Rubial, M.J

#11- Study of the Groundwater quality in the ERG Chebbi Area, Central-South Morocco Page 63

Vicente, R., Moya-Palomares, M.E., de Pablo, M.A.(1), Acaso, E., García, M., Aberkan, M., Zanniby, F



Wednesday, 16th April, 2008

(Hall A)  09:00 – 10:40        Session 1: Mineralogy & Sustainable Development



Etude pétrographique et géochimique du massif de TESSALIT (Tin- Begane, Hoggar Central Algérie) Page 65


Fatiha Oulebsir




Ardealite from the type locality (the “dry” Cioclovina Cave, Şureanu Mountains, Romania) – new mineralogical data Page 67

Dumitraş Delia-Georgeta, Marincea Ştefan, Anitai Nicoleta1, Ghenciu Monica Iulia, Constantinescu Emil


Geodiversity as a tool for sustainable development of protected areas in Romania   Page 69 

Antoneta Seghedi, Gheorghe Oaie, Alexandru Andrăsanu



Élaboration d’une approche optimale pour la gestion environnementale intégrant le concept de développement durable (bassin versant du Sebou) Page 71





Hydration Properties of natural clays in relation with their microstructure during drying and rewetting cycle Page 72


H. Ben Rhaiem & A. Ben Haj Amara


10:40-11:20                                       TEA  BREAK

(Hall A)  11:20 – 13:00     Session 2: Climatic Change and Sustainable Development


Geo-Environment and Health - Why the study of Geomedicine is important Page 74

Monica  A Omulo



Etude de l’accumulation de métaux lourds (Hg, Cd, Cu, Zn, Pb) par la moule Mytilus  galloprovincialis  du littoral d’ El jadida (Maroc) Page 75


Talib N., Sif J.,  Thomas-Guillon H.




Contribution à l’évaluation de la susceptibilité des sols à l’érosion: Cas du bassin versant du Chbouka (Moyen Atlas-Maroc Page 76

K. EL Bouqdaoui, M. Loukili, M. ZahrA, A.


Agrogeology for Uganda's agriculture Page 77

Molly Bakka Male



Seawater intrusion and impacts on the farms in Mitidja Eastern, Algeria Page 78

F. Nezzal, Z. Iftini


13:00 – 14:00                                  LUNCH  BREAK

(Hall A)  14:00 – 14:30                   INVITED TALK

Advanced Technology for Characterization of Raw Materials

Mervat Said Hassan

(Hall A)  14:30 – 15:50     Session 3: Stratigraphy, Structural & Petroleum Geology



Structural-Stratigraphic Evolution of the Liassic units of the central high atlas,

Morocco (Ait bou Guemmez area) Page 8


Fatima EL Bchari & Abdellatif Souhel



Albian stratigraphic succession at La Gara (Tajerouine area, central northern Tunisia P. 80

Ben Haj Ali Nébiha, Kamzi Mouna, Ben Nsir Sana


A Geological Evaluation of the Kunene Prospect, Block 1711 Offshore Namibia Page 81

Tamlyn Gourrah





Biostratigraphic Revision, Palaeoenvironment, Palaeography and Petroleum potential of the middle to late Eocene series of two boreholes in the Gulf of Gabès

(Tunisia). Page 82


(Hall A)  16:00 – 17:00        : ANNUAL MEETING OF THE ASSOCIATION OF              

                                              THE AFRICAN WOMEN GEOSCIENTISTS



Wednesday, 15th April, 2008


Mineralogy & Sustainable Development, Climatic Change & Environment

And Stratigraphy, Structural & Petroleum Geology


#1-Les nitrates dans la nappe phréatique de Douala (Cameroun)             Page 83

Ngo Boum-Nkot, S., Ketchemen-Tandia, B., Ntamak-Nida, M.J., Ebondji Seth, C., & Emvoutou, H.        

#2-Geopark for sustainable developmentCentral high Atlas and Anti-Atlas Mountains, Morocco Page 84

Errami Ezzoura, Hassan Ouanaimi, Antoneta Seghedi & Nasser Ennih  

#3--Petrophysical characterisation and durability of Eocene Limestones used in the capitol columns of Dougga Roman City (Tunis)     Page 85

K. Zoghlami, D. Gómez-Gras, F. Darragi         

#4-Color removal from textile industry wastewater by natural clay         Page 86

Emna Errais, Fadia Darragi, Malika Aayadi,     

#5-Geochemical Evaluation of (Late Jurassic) Naokelekan Formation /Zagros Fold Belt,North Iraq  Page 87

Ahmed Asker Al-Ahmed               

#6-Geochemistry, effect of Metasomatism and origin of Cainozoic Alkali basaltic lavas from Manzaz. Latea Metacraton, Bloc Azrou N’fad/Tefedest (Hoggar, Algeria) Page 88

Amel Zoulikha Benhallou             

#7-Etudes géologiques, minéralogiques et technologiques des marnes du Miocène supérieur et du Pliocène inférieur des régions de Fès-Meknès et Rabat. Page 89

Fatima Bouyahyaoui                

#8-Influence of soils on landslide processes in Bududa District, Eastern Uganda Page 90

Mary G.Kitutu, Jean Poesen, Jozef A. Deckers and Andrew Muwanga   

#9-Geoindicators; as tools for assessing rapid environment changes. Page 92

Grace Namanda-Ssali,           

#10-Santonian tectonic events in the outcrops of Loungahe (Center East of Douala Sub basin)      Page 95

Marie Joseph Ntamak-Nida, J. Engelbert Mpesse, Béatrice Ketchemen-Tandia, Lissock Jean P, Ewane R.V. & Djomeni Nitcheu A. L.     

#11-A Multi - Disciplinary Approach in Developing the F-O Gas Field, Offshore South Africa      Page 97

Candice Sissing, Sbusiso Mkhize & Kathleen Mudaly             

#12-Delineation of subsurface Paleozoic – Mesozoic structures in block NC115 Using potential field and seismic data: Insights to the fault system style, Murzuk Basin – Libya. Page 98 

Hussein Ghanoush           

#13-A Petroleum Geochemical Evaluation of the Tanezzuft Formation, Ghadamis Basin, Northwestern Libya  Page  99

M. Die          

#14-Déformation Pan-Africaine et Post-Pan Africaine de la région de Djanet Page  100

Dalila Zekiri-Nemmou

#15- Turbidite Channel systems: Barremian gas reservoirs of the Bredasdorp Basin, offshore South Africa Page 101

V Godongwana and V Singh

#16- Sustainable Development or Unlimited Turistical Grown? The case of ERG Chebbi Region, Morocco Page 101

Moya-Palomares, M.E, García, M., de Pablo, M.A., Vicente, R., Acaso, E., Rubial, M.J., Aberkan, M., Zanniby, F





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