Cairo University


One of the oldest universities in Egypt and the region, Cairo University has been, across its long history a leading outpost of education and cultural awakening in the country. The campus, located in Giza, covers a large area on both sides of the Nile River. The University serves about 160,000 students and has successfully been undertaking its mission of delivering education, research facilities to Arab and foreign students, and scientists. 

Cairo University has been crucially important in shaping the national life of twentieth-century in Egypt. It has educated much of the political, professional and cultural elite; doctors and lawyers, novelists and philosophers, bankers and prime ministers have all studied there.

Founded in 1908 and for many years competing only with the religious al-Azhar University, the European-inspired Cairo University quickly became the prime indigenous model for other state universities in the region and its influence has spread even beyond the Arab world.

Nasser and Sadat, Kings Fuad and Faruq, nationalist hero Saad Zaghlul and Nobel Prize winner Najib Mahfuz, all feature prominently in this fascinating history of Egypt's most important modern educational institution.

by Donald Malcolm Reid








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