Call for Papers


Abstracts and Posters   


Abstracts and posters should be submitted by

29 February, 2008


General Submission Guidelines

  • Abstract must be in English (Arabic & French abstracts must provide an abstract in English as well)

  • Abstract should be original work.

  • An individual may submit more than one abstract.

  • All abstracts will be peer reviewed by the Scientific Committee.

  • Abstracts should be submitted in the format of the conference.


The Conference Format

  • You are strongly encouraged to compose the abstract text in Microsoft Word for Windows or WordPerfect. Use Arial, 10-point font. All text should be in two columns of justified text. Leave one line space between the title, headers, and subheadings. Double-space between paragraphs, but do not indent. Be sure to check spelling, and Do Not Use bold, italics, underline, tabs, hard returns, or all capital letters in the abstract text.

  • The page margins are 2 cm on all sides and 3 cm for the bottom.

  • The abstract must contain a title, followed by list of all authors and their organizations. Email addresses and phone numbers are optional in the abstract. Caption for all figures and tables should be in Arial 9 pt. Color diagrams will be only for electronic version but black and white will be used in the abstract book.

  • Each section should have sub-title in bold in 10 pt and not capitalized.

  • References should at the end of the abstract and in 9 pt Arial.

  • Abstracts may not exceed two A4 pages in length including all text, figures, and references.

  • People should submit their abstracts electronically to

  • After the submission of the abstract, it will be reviewed by the scientific committee and then the acceptance will be sent to the contributors.

  • Abstract will only include it in the abstract book once the contributors will confirm the way of paying the conference registration fees.


Examples for References


McLennan, S.M., &Taylor, S.R., 1979. Rare earth element mobility associated with uranium      000mineralization. Nature, 282, 247-250.


Rich, R.A., Holland, H.D., & Petersen, U., 1977. Hydrothermal uanium deposits. Elsevier-000Amsterdam, 264p.      


EEE, S., LLL, F.K. & TTT, R., 1990. The basement complex of the Eastern Desert and Sinai. 000In: R. Said (Editor), The Geology of Egypt. Balkema, Rotterdam, 175-185.


Xbbbb, N.M., 2003. The primary ore of Gattar area, North Eastern Desert, Egypt. Unpublished 000PhD thesis, Faculty  of Science, Cairo University, Egypt, 140p.





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