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Trips and Tours

General information

These trips will run provided that there is sufficient response (25 participants). On the 1st of November 2007 delegates will be notified whether the trip(s) selected will go ahead. Delegates wishing to participate on a trip should include the costs with their registration payment. If a trip is cancelled, the entire excursion cost will be refunded.



The post-conference trips and tours are:


1- Gulf of Suez Trip

Syn-Rift Sedimentation and Tectonics in the Gulf of Suez Basin, Sinai, April 17-19, 2008,

By William Bosworth, Apache Egypt Companies.

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2- El Fayoum Depression Trip

Northern Faiyum Desert and the Basalt Quarries of Widan el-Faras: one-day field trip

By Dr. Elizabeth Bloxam, Institute of Archeology, London England.

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3- Greater Cairo Tour

4- Luxor Aswan  Tour